• Ayushi Aruna

Renewal, Rebirth

I went somewhere today

And left my body at home

It was a lush green forest

Every leaf with life shone.

There was no scorching sun,

No golden rays reached down

And yet wherever I looked

There was only light around.

I crossed the bridge to a waterfall

Into the Earth’s palms it went down

First I trusted it with my anxieties, & then my fears

Eventually, I let the whole of me drown.

I floated lightly in the waters

Unbound by the concept of time

Catching every breeze, every little ruffle

With my soul and not my eyes.

I floated there in joyous abandon

Feeling as though I was back in the womb

In a state between life and death

And there was none of me quite soon.

The trees all bent around me

Watching over as I slept

Waiting for a renewal, for a rebirth

As my form took its last breath.

(Based on an experience during a 4 day hike in the middle of the Sierra Nevada forests in Colombia)

©2020 by Wondering Wandering