• Ayushi Aruna


Updated: Jan 8

To imagine

The mighty mountains, adorned with snow

The rivers and streams, gushing in flow

The valleys spread so green and wide

And upon them, the horses in rampant stride.

To imagine

One’s past, whole, in colored detail

One’s present, with a fleeting grip on it’s tail

One’s future, unravelling with child-like abandon

And then to review it--like trivia, like fandom.

To imagine

All of life’s patterned highs and lows

All of it’s happy surprises, it’s unexpected blows

All of the times you stood up, you fell

All of the tragedies, no one you could tell.

To imagine

Not just what is given, as life goes

But the blessing to examine the nature of its flow

To open your eyes one time, and then your soul

To live one human life, and experience many more.



©2020 by Wondering Wandering