• Ayushi Aruna

Fragile Beings

We are fragile beings

More fragile than we let ourselves believe

Our nerves and veins

Are like spider webs

That sway lightly in the winds of time

The bones and muscles

We bulk up and flex

Come undone at fate’s slightest blow

Deep in our hearts

We carry the universe inside out

And yet we keep walking tightropes

Searching for things that never mattered

Our fingertips

Can carry so little, and so much

They can touch

And feel, and heal

Everything we are made from

Everything around us

Everything that is us, not us, beyond us

And yet we only want to hold

To clench our fists

Let nothing flow

We fear these gaps

Between our fingers

These gaps, in our lives

That remind us

We are only human

And so we keep building walls

With bricks of desperation, concrete of fear

Shielding from our view everything we are not

We run away

Faster, faster and faster

And we take all our demons with us

Sitting on our shoulders, weighing us down

Sometimes we trip over

And come face to face with all our bruises

That build on top of each other

The bruises we never have enough time to attend to

And up we go, too strong to fall and not get back up


The truth is

We are fragile beings

More fragile than we let ourselves believe.



©2020 by Wondering Wandering