My parents tell me I've always shown an inclination towards writing, right from when I first started stringing sentences together in primary school. Over the years, my love for writing has only increased and I've come to accumulate many poems, ramblings, essays, travel records and gratitude entries. It scares me that I might lose some or all of these writings--since our thoughts, and in turn our words reflect who were are at a certain point in time, losing my writings might mean I lose a part of myself. 

WonderingWandering is therefore my attempt at recording who I used to be, who I'm becoming and who I want to be in the future. Other than being this personal resource, I've chosen to create it due to my understanding that ultimately, all of us as human beings, seek answers to similar questions and struggle with common human limitations. Thus I hope that my writings will also help my readers reflect on their own paths.

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